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Standly Babila

Registered Nurse

When I think about why I got started in health care, my reasons bring me back to my childhood. In Cameroon, I made so many visits to the hospital with my mom who was sick at the time. I would ask myself: what can be done so that she doesn’t have to visit the hospital? Is there something to improve her health? I had so many questions that I wanted answers to so I could help her better.

Fast forward to many years later, I was recruited after meeting some friendly faces at a job fair. I worked as a Personal Care Assistant until receiving my license to become a Resident Nurse last summer. (Looking ahead, I aspire to apply for the Nurse Practitioner Program at Memorial University.)

I enjoy every bit of my role. I get so happy when after two or three days upon caring for someone with an injury they can say, “Oh I feel better now!” Sometimes I find I interact with family members more than patients, and that’s just as important. Helping each other isn’t only about health care. It’s about putting a smile on someone’s face.

Adjusting to a new city and country was made so easy because of the people. Colleagues insisted on showing me their favourite places in St. John’s and I quickly found ways to get involved in the community too. I’ve recently moved to Placentia and am loving this part of the province that still feels new and familiar to me. Even helping my neighbour clear snow from their driveway is important to me. That must make me a true Newfoundlander, right?

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