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Marieke Van Den Berg

Clinical Nurse Manager

Ever since I was a little, I have liked taking care of people. I quickly learned that it doesn’t take much to help people.

I truly think I have one of the best jobs in the world. Little Marieke would be so proud that I became an RN, and maybe a little surprised that I now live in Labrador City, after growing up in The Netherlands, living in Australia and having travelled the world.

Now that I’m a manager, I’m not taking care of patients as much as I did; I’m caring for the staff who take care of them. Being a part of the team in Labrador West means having a family at work. We keep showing up for each other through all the good times and bad. One of the good moments recently was when one of my close co-workers moved up into a senior director role. She tells me that she couldn't do her job without me (but I believe otherwise).

I’ve lived here for over six years now, and I don't have the inkling to live anywhere else. There’s always something to do and people to talk to. One of my earliest memories is walking down the road and having a total stranger offer me a lift. I’m happy to say that I’d now do the same if I saw someone like that. Everyone here is just so friendly!

I’m proud to work in health care in NL because I see the effort that is being put into achieving change for the better. We’re really making a difference for our people and our communities.

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