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Andrew Dawe


I love that everyone has a reason for working in health care. It feels extra special to say that mine is my grandparents. When I was young, I’d tag along with them to the pharmacy and watch them get help for their medications. The pharmacists were always so caring and patient. I could see myself doing something like that too.

When I was going through school, I had placements in the community I grew up in. My family and friends were really able to watch me through my journey as a student to a professional because I was helping to take care of them.

Counseling patients, speaking to families and finding solutions to improve their health is a something I enjoy most about this career. And all doing so with a big team around me. I get to work with all sorts of health care professionals. We see people come in when they may be acutely unwell, and watching them go home healthier is the best feeling.

I’m so proud to be where I’m from and helping those who choose to live here too.

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