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Marco Mueller

Radiation Therapist

I moved to St. John’s about three years ago because I wasn’t feeling fully settled in a big city like Toronto. Most of the time I felt anonymous, and I kept dreaming of being in a place that was close-knit and gave me the opportunities to create special relationships with coworkers and patients.

Working in health care is a pretty natural fit for me and I’ve always been interested in the radiation aspect of physics. As a radiation therapist at the Cancer Care Centre, I get to work with some of the most intelligent, compassionate people. I also get to work with technology that I didn’t think a place like St. John’s would have access to.

My job has a lot to do with the relationships. With coworkers, patients and their family and friends. We develop connections with each other faster than others do. Going through treatment, we may see each other for 39 days straight.

Even on days that can feel – and are – so challenging, we get through them together.

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